Top Autumn Trends For Your Complexion

Top Autumn Trends For Your Complexion

Autumn hair trends are so much more than just transitioning from light to dark, but the time to embrace seasonal colours that are true to your overall complexion and style.

Three tips to help you decide on the perfect colour for your hair this Autumn;  

  1. The colour of your skin tone is one of the most important aspects of choosing the right hair colour, they should compliment each other. 

  2. To enhance and intensify your eye colour you may opt for a contrasting hair colour. For example blue eyes against golden blonde or green eyes against red or copper tones. 

  3. Your personal style should also be considered, does your new hair colour suit your current wardrobe, do you want to stand out or blend in? 

Here are some of our favourite colour matches and hair trends for the new season. 

1. Fair Complexion - Copper with a golden undertone
Olive Complexion - Copper muted with Mocha or Iridescent OR with a red hue
Fair Complexion - Blondes with a clean platinum look rather than ash
Olive Complexion - Blondes with a gold hue or soft strawberry tone
French Bob - Has a ‘wedge’ look to it, and is so chic and stylish


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