How to Style Your Naturally Curly hair

How to Style Your Naturally Curly hair


There's no doubt curly hair has become the hottest trend of 2021 - and we're here for it! In fact,can you believe that close to 50% of the population have naturally curly hair. If you have natural curls, now is your time to embrace the volume and refine your technique.

We've worked with our Technical Director to bring you our best advice on how to embrace your curl and get the best results from your home maintenance and styling regime.

Firstly, it’s important to wash and cleanse your hair from any leftover product and silicon that may be weighing your hair down. Using the Cleansing Conditioner by Kerastase will help cleanse and deeply treat curls in a single application perfectly paired with the Masque Curl Ideal by Kerastase for beautiful defined bouncy curls. 


Once hair is prepped and ready for styling, it’s important to understand which type of curl you have, whether it’s wavy, curly or coily. This will help determine which product is best to use in your hair. We are going to style our

Type 1: Wavy Hair Guest.


Step 1: Saturate your hair completely with water before applying any product. 

Step 2: Combine one pump of Fix Max Gel by Tecni.ART with Intense Curl Cream by Moroccanoil in your hands before applying straight into the ends of the hair and working your way up to the roots. Be a little generous with the amount of product you use as you will be sponging a lot of this out before finishing the look.

Tip: Tipping your head in different ways helps distribute the product evenly around the head


Making sure not to miss any areas, especially the underneath at the back of the nape, around the ears and in the fringe as well. 

Step 3: Getting Ready To Brush - The brush will help distribute the product more evenly throughout the hair and also remove any knots in the hair before it dries and you’re unable to brush them out. 

The brush is also doing a very important thing, it’s creating what we like to call ‘curl clumps’. Curl Clumps are sprung together to form a better formation and when drying the curl clumps dry far less frizzy. 

Tip: Curl clumps help prevent frizz - Achieve the perfect curl clumps using the NEW Stefan Pink and Blue Flexi Brush

 Step 4: Now that we have knot free hair and our curls are sitting in the right formation, use a microfiber towel (or anything that is cotton, i.e. an old T-shirt, pillowcase) to sponge off some of the product. Do this in a gentle scrunch formation rather than a vigorous movement. 

Step 5: Ready For Diffusing - Go through in an upwards motion, moving the diffuser around very gently. You don’t want to break up the curl clumps as you really want to keep them formed. Use your hands as little as possible, really trying to keep them formed as they are. 

Tip: Diffuse on a low heat and a low airflow! The higher the airflow the more frizz you are going to cause, the higher the heat the more damage you’re going to cause to the hair.

Step 6: Creating Volume - Now flipping your head in the opposite direction we are going to start creating the volume we’re hoping for. Still be as gentle as possible with the hair until 100% dry.

Step 7: Finishing Touches - Once the hair is 100% dry you can start to add in any additional curls you feel might be needed for that perfect finish. Using a conical wand, take any individual curls that may have a little bit of frizz or haven’t quite formed in the perfect formation, especially around the front, the top layer or the fridge area and gently work them around the wand. 

Tip: Only tong wherever you find is necessary, and only hold for less than 5 seconds. You don’t want to be adding any extra heat than what is needed. 



Protect your curly hair at night 


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