Color Wow - The Hottest US Trend We've Brought Down Under!

Color Wow - The Hottest US Trend We've Brought Down Under!

After our team recently returned from styling at New York Fashion Week, they raved about Color Wow products. If you’ve spent any time on social media, chances are you’re familiar with their #waterproofhairchallenge featuring the top-selling product ‘Super Natural Dream Coat'. We wanted to try it for ourselves and see what all the hype was about so we gave it a go – and fell in love! Now that we've seen firsthand how remarkable these products truly are, we couldn't be more excited to stock them on our website!

We have detailed below some insight into their best selling products that have had people using #tiktokmademebuyit 

Color Wow Supernatural Dream Coat

It would be amiss not to mention this game changing product! The Color Wow Supernatural Dream Coat is the perfect solution for wild and unmanageable hair. It's heat-activated formula features a unique blend of ingredients which compress each strand together into an effortlessly sleek shape, while also providing it with a light waterproof top coat. In addition, its anti-frizz treatment rehydrates locks and restores their natural elasticity so you can strut confidently in any weather condition!

Kim Kardashian is renowned for her sleek, glass-like hair that has been trending in the US and is the product used to achieve it!



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Color Control Purple - Toning & Styling Foam For Blondes 

Have you ever heard of a purple toning foam? Color Wow is here to revolutionize the way we care for our hair with their innovative, new product - Color Control Toning & Styling Foam for Blonde Hair. This leave-in styling foam neutralises brassy tones in blonde hair and provides softer, easier to style locks than even before! Experience unbelievable results by using this revolutionary formula from Color Wow today!

SHOP NOW For a mess free at home toner try our Color Control Toning + Styling Foam! This lavender-tinted foam neutralizes yellow and brassy tones instantly! No mess; no crunch, no stiffness, no stickiness🤯 #brassyhair #blondehair #athome ♬ original sound - Color Wow Hair

Style On Steroids - Texture Finishing Spray 

Style on Steroids Texture Finishing Spray is the perfect product for colour-treated hair. With this unique spray, you can achieve a sexy texture and record-breaking results without experiencing any stiffness or stickiness! Additionally, the transparent texturisers will not obscure your beautiful hue while providing great “guts” to hold long-lasting styles. With powerful heat protection capabilities and non-yellowing properties, you get reliable results every time when setting or styling with irons!



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Pop & Lock High Gloss Serum 

Get that vibrant and glossy hair colour with Color Wow Pop & Lock High Gloss Serum! This serum works on both wet or dry hair, taming frizz and flyaways while sealing split ends. You can easily create tight and clean braids without any pesky flyaways—all of this plus UV protection for your hair as well as heat protectant. Plus, you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals because it's alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free, vegan and gluten-free!

SHOP NOW Pop & Lock is an oil-serum hybrid that adds shine while sealing split ends in one use ✨ @Jasmine Bergqvist #hairoil #hairserum #splitends #shinyhair ♬ smiles & sunsets - ultmt.