Autumn Hair Care

Autumn Hair Care

As Autumn approaches, it's time to get ready for the new season by starting a fresh hair-care routine! Make sure your locks look healthy, glamorous and recovered as soon as possible. Even though you might not be aware of this, with the colder weather comes plenty of unwanted hair problems like dryness or extra frizz. Here are our best recommendations on how to take care of your mane during autumn months so that they remain soft and beautiful all year round.


Don't carry last season's split ends into the new Autumn - get a fresh cut to start off your new look! After months of exposure to hot sun, UV rays, chlorine and swimming pools, your hair is likely dry and brittle. Invest in some TLC with a good trim; not only will it help get rid of pesky split ends but also make you feel pampered. Feeling adventurous? Try out one of this season's trending hairstyles like an above-shoulder or lob cut!

If you want your hair to feel as though you've had a trim in between salon visits, then we recommend using the Moroccanoil mending infusion! Moroccanoil Mending Infusion is a feather-light, instantly absorbed finishing product that helps to realign and condition dry, fragile ends. Its argan oil infusion not only seals split ends for an attractive fresh-cut look but also nourishes the hair with vital nutrients while strengthening it too. This instant fix solution reduces visible signs of unhealthiness like frayed strands and dehydration while taming pesky frizz and protecting against any further damage. As a result of its unique composition, your locks will feel incredibly soft with a frictionless finish giving you healthy looking hair all day long!

  • Helps seal split ends
  • Instant fix for visibly dry ends
  • Prevents further damage

Moroccanoil Mending Infusion


This Autumn, don't let your hair fall victim to dryness! Your locks need just as much hydration and nourishment as your skin does in order to stay shiny, soft, and healthy. Taking the necessary steps now can help restore that luster you crave right away. Consider investing in a moisturizing conditioner and mask treatment for maximum rejuvenating effects - it'll make all the difference after those hot summer months! Shop our specially curated range of hydrating products or speak with one of our knowledgeable Stefan stylists for more personalized advice on what's best suited for your mane.

Here are some of our product suggestions to help:

Moroccanoil Hydrate Duo 



Don't allow your hair to be unruly this season - take control with the perfect styling routine. Get ready for a clash between heat, friction, blow-drying and sweaters that will leave your hair fighting static electricity, frizzes and other rebelliousness. Hydration is essential but not enough; you'll need superior quality styling products designed precisely to tame those flyaways. Explore our wide selection of items in our styling range or use our styling product finder quiz to help you narrow down your options. It's just like speaking with one of our Stefan specialists!

Stefan Hair Fly Away Wand 



As the air gets drier in the cooler months, your scalp produces less sebum and can become irritated, itchy, and dry. Good news – this winning combination of a scalp help treatment with a duboa brush is exactly what you need to heal from the harsh winter weather! They work together to cleanse, moisturize and restore balance to even the most lackluster head of hair. Don't wait - shop this dynamic duo today!

Stefan Scalp Help Pack 


Rejuvenate your hair this winter season with strong, full-bodied and lush locks.