2022 Hottest Hair Trends

2022 Hottest Hair Trends

It’s a new year which means new hair trends to explore and discover! We have put our best hair experts together to discuss and predict what they believe to be the hottest 2022 hair trends to watch out for. 

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Summer Blondes and Bangs 

With summer already upon us what we’re starting to see a lot more of in salons is guests coming in for a full head of highlights to create that beautiful bright fresh blonde! The style of the season to complement the blonde, is definitely looking to be a combo of The Shag and Beachy Waves. 

The Shag look is much like the wolf cut with layers on layers on layers, lots of texture. 


Voluminous beachy waves and bangs have seen a massive spike with the likes of Lily Collins serving us these looks!

The Modern Day Rachel Green 

Are we back in the 90s or did everyone just rediscover the TV show Friends? Because we are living for the amount of guests coming in with a Rachel Green inspired vision for their hair! This look can be achieved with our Full Head of Highlights package on our website. 


Balayage Babes 

For our darker hair guests we have been absolutely obsessed with all the gorgeous seamless balayage that have been requested in Salon. This is the perfect look for brunettes or darker hair who want to have effortless and natural looking highlights.


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