2021/ 2022 Hair Trend Alert! The Wolf Cut

2021/ 2022 Hair Trend Alert! The Wolf Cut

First we had the return of the mullet, and now it’s close cousin the wolf cut has taken centre stage! This iconic unisex look (famously worn by celebs like Billie Eilish) has taken the hair industry by storm with more and more guests requesting it in salon.

While popular across genders, the hairstyle is believed to have originated in South Korea, inspired by the untamed look and heavy layers resembling the fur of its namesake. The 2021 wolf cut hair trend has also become a trend on social media (especially tiktok) with users attempting to create the popular look at home! (so brave).

Unfortunately, this hair trend will take more than chopping the ends off your ponytail to really nail the look. Our Stefan Academy Educator Janelle took us through her method using a razor to transform one of our lovely guests' hair to emulate this gorgeous and trendy hairstyle! 

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