Smoothing & Straightening

Struggling with frizz? Unruly or unwanted curls? Spending hours styling? Heat styling damaging your hair? A range of smoothing and straightening services can alleviate these issues! With added softness, shine & repairing properties. Take back control, time and achieve the look you've always dreamed of with packages starting from as little as $60.

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  • Lasts 5 - 6 months 
  • Non toxic
  • Amino Acids and Collagen S
  • Safe on highlighted hair 
  • No Bad Smells
FROM $599

Nanoplasty Straightening Service

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Nanoplasty is a hair straightening treatment lasting 5-6 months. With silk proteins, collagen/ amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that make your hair healthier while straightening it. The nanoplasty experience will leave you hair smoother, less bulk, more shine and naturally dry straighter. No bad chemical smells or fumes.

  • Medium Hair
  • Long Hair
  • +$599
  • +$699
  • +$799

Aura Smoothing Beauty Service

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A quick service to add shine & lustre to your hair. Making your in salon blowdry last longer. This service will last up to 5-6 washes.

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Aura Smoothing Deluxe Service

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The deluxe smoothing service is an intensive smoothing service that will add shine, lustre & make your hair more manageable by reducing styling time for up to 3-4 months. *Please allow 3-4 hours for this service.

  • Medium Hair
  • Long Hair
  • +$390
  • +$490
  • +$590

"My hair is naturally very thick & frizzy! I always thought i had to choose between being blonde and straightening my hair, Aura smoothing allows me to have both! Even before styling my hair is sitting nicer and looks much healthier."

- Larissa

"I’ve never experienced hair as silky or as smooth as it is now I have had the Aura smoothing. My natural curls are now pretty much frizz free and when I do straighten my hair it’s straighter than I ever thought possible. I got it done before a trip to Bali and even in their humidity it managed to stay super shiny and smooth!"

- Katie

"The Aura Smoothing hair service was so transformative! The process was not just relaxing but deeply rejuvenating, leaving my hair feeling incredibly soft, vibrant, and manageable. After the session, my hair had a noticeable shine and lightness, reflecting the quality and care of the experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking to revitalise their hair!"

- Sarah