2021 Stefan Best Sellers

2021 Stefan Best Sellers

With the new year bringing in lots of new products and new brands to Stefan, we thought we would take the opportunity to go through some of the 2021 best sellers that our wonderful customers purchased throughout the year! 

Coming in at number 5 is the Classic Ultimate Treatment

The best-selling Stefan Ultimate Treatment has been a favourite of many of our clients for years. An intensive and luxurious keratin treatment for ultimate nourishment and strength. Everyone who purchased this last year would have been left feeling silky, smooth and looking shinier than ever!



Number 4 is the Ultra Blonde Toning Treatment

All of our blonde bombshell clients have been going absolutely crazy over the Stefan Ultra Blonde Toning Treatment. Enriched with Pomegranate Extract + Jojoba oil to add shine + nourishment to sensitised hair, this treatment revitalised all of our gorgeous blondes by depositing purple pigments to neutralise brassy, yellow tones for a cleaner, brighter blonde.

Number 3 is the Styling Detangle Leave In Cream 

Many customers said goodbye to 2021 and also goodbye to untameable hair with the Stefan Styling Detangle Leave In Cream! This tube of goodness is specifically designed to nourish your hair, whilst preventing and maintaining split ends. A non-greasy formula that will give your hair shine, strength and perfect for simply detangling bed hair and taming frizz!

Number 2 (and close second) is the Super Hair Shine Conditioner

If you have seen people walking around with ridiculously shiny hair it was most likely due to the Stefan Super Hair Shine Conditioner! Containing Keratin & Silk Amino Acids to provide intense moisture and strength PLUS Conditioning Agents which help to instantly detangle hair, create a smoother surface, and also reduce static-induced fly-aways. 

And number 1…. Drum roll please…. Is the Stefan Classic Colour Care Shampoo! 

There are no real surprises here, the Stefan Colour Care Shampoo has been a favourite of many of our clients for years. Why you might ask? 

It might have something to do with the Enhanced UV protection to help lock in your colour leaving it vibrant and nourished… or perhaps the Keratin and Silk Amino Acids to provide intense moisture and strength to your hair… or maybe even the Coco Betaine to reduce static! Whatever it is that keeps customers coming back for more, we know that this Shampoo is definitely doing something right