Your Go-To Guide for Hair Extensions

Your Go-To Guide for Hair Extensions

If extensions are on your mind and you’re not sure where to start, here is everything you need to know to make the decision if extensions are right for you.

Volume, Length or Both?

Extensions have been on the rise with more and more everyday people reaching for extensions to add that desired length and volume we all crave. If you think extensions are just for length think again as extensions are also the perfect solution for those wanting some extra volume whilst keeping a shorter length. But if you are seeking some luscious long locks our tape-in extensions can add up to 22” of dreamy hair; length *tick*


The Process

Extensions work best on freshly coloured hair so before application your stylist will initially colour your hair, tone, cleanse and blowdry to create the perfect base for your extensions. Your extensions will also be coloured to match your real hair, washed and blowdried ready for application. During application your stylist will part your hair, working in upward rows to line the extensions throughout your hair evenly and accordingly to your real hair. Sections of hair are sandwiched with each extension piece to create a secure application and repeated throughout your whole head. Once all extensions are applied your stylist will assess the application to ensure it achieves a seamless result and your desired look. From here your hair will be cut and shaped to finalise the completed look and achieve your dream hair.


Hair Extensions Process  

Hair Damage

Maybe you’re asking “Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?” and to answer simply, no. Hair extensions are a guilt free option if your hair’s health is your number 1 priority. Tape-in extensions are the safest semi-permanent extension option; offering instant results with no cost to your hair’s health. Hair extensions require the same love and attention as your real hair so use leave-in conditioners and heat protectant as required, along with extension approved shampoo and conditioner to aid in maintaining the health of your hair.


If you’ve seen horror photos of exposed tapes due to awkward extension styling, rest assured there are so many hair styles suitable for tape-in extensions. Your stylist will place your extensions according to your hair-part and hairline to create the most natural placement relevant to your real hair. This will make styling your hair as easy as possible as the placement is individualised to your hair and how it moves. What suits your set of extensions best will depend on your real hair length, thickness and part, so have a play and see what works best for you! Fun Fact: extension hair holds a curl better than natural hair so get curling!

Cost and maintenance

If you’re new to extensions take advantage of our New Client Offer to set yourself up for a cost effective extension journey with everything you need for a seamless application already included. Your extensions will need to be moved up every 8 weeks with costs starting from $399 for removal and re-tape, for further cost prices please refer to our extension page here. At the 8 week mark your extensions will be ready to be placed back into their starting position; this requires the extensions to be removed by your stylist, your hair cleansed, and extensions re-taped and reapplied.

Still got questions?

If you still have questions and want to talk to one of our experts on hair extensions please feel free to book in for a complimentary extension consultation here.