Aura Smoothing Service

Aura Smoothing Service

Footloose and Frizz-Free - that's the way you can be!

Do you want more manageable, faster drying hair? Want to spend less time styling your hair every day? Want to achieve this with a service that has been dermatologically tested, not tested on animals, paraben-free and vegan friendly? Us too!!

Introducing Aura! The first biotechnological hair treatment formulated with organic ingredients. With three hyaluroplastry treatment options, each one scientifically designed to help straighten and soften the hair fiber, eliminate frizz and enhance natural shine. There is a service for all time restraints, outcome desires and condition concerns.

Aura therapy makes combing easier, provides powerful shine, natural movement and flexibility. Adding supreme hydration that keeps hair healthy and protected from pollution. Aura doesn’t produce fumes or smells or cause unwanted itching. It really is the in-salon miracle we have all been waiting for!

What benefits will Aura give me?

Aura is a natural smoothing treatment, not a permanent chemical straightening treatment, therefore Aura will help with the styling routine you are currently doing at home.

You will still need to put products into your hair and dry or straighten as you are currently doing at home. Aura will help speed up your current routine, but it will not make your hair straight or completely frizz free. It will still have a natural movement and suppleness.

Aura is amazing for our guests who spend lots of time on their hair, that want to be able to style their hair quicker and easier at home, while getting ultimate shine.

If you have very curly, frizzy hair you will see benefits if you currently use heat styling tools and products at home. If you leave your hair to dry naturally, you will not see as many benefits compared to guests who style their hair at home.

Is my hair the right fit for Aura?

Aura is ideally for our guests who spend lots of time blow-drying and ironing their hair to eliminate frizz.

Aura will help make your styling routine easier to manage at home. However, please remember it is not a straightening treatment.

You will get beautiful shine in your hair from having an Aura treatment.

My hair is really bleached blonde, can I have this treatment?

We recommend Aura for many different hair types, including our guests who have lightened hair. However, if your hair is very heavily bleached and sensitised, and you are concerned that it cannot handle lots of heat, we would not recommend this product for you.

Your hair will have to be in optimal condition for this treatment and if it cannot handle the heat, we would not do the 2 intense services on your hair.

However, we can definitely offer our guests with very lightened hair the beauty service. This requires no heat at all and will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny for up to 6 washes.


Try the Aura magic for yourself. Available in salon.