Low Maintenance Hair Trends This Winter

Low Maintenance Hair Trends This Winter

This season is for creating an opportunity for your hair to get back into great condition, resetting your gorgeous locks after all the lightening, brightening and heat styling but looking fashionable while doing so.

Our technical director has put together 3 popular colour trends and low maintenance styling techniques we will see coming into winter. 

3 Colour Trends This Winter: 

Ready to replenish your hair this season but still want to achieve a lighter look? Balayage is the perfect lightening option that doesn’t require as much lightening work. It's the perfect winter compromise! 

Balayage For Winter

2. Reverse Balayage 

This is the go-to option for blondes who want to go a bit darker without a lot of commitment — adding the depth back into the roots, lowering the contrast between highlights and root colour while maintaining that lived in look you desire with a balayage. 

Reverse Balayage Before and After

3. Cool Tones 

Most of us naturally have a cool-tone regrowth, a 'mousy' shade — therefore during winter we transition into a cooler tone to help our regrowth flawlessly blend in.

Cool Hair Tones For Winter

When it comes to a healthy head of hair during these cooler months the ultimate key is maintaining the natural oils and sebum our scalp produces to nourish our hair right through to the ends, also minimising the use of heat styling and hair washes is vital to maintaining these incredible oils — But how to we do so without looking like an oil stick, you might ask?! We've got you covered; 

Trending Low Maintenance Styling Techniques:

Style 1: Sleek Low Bun 

Completely eliminate the frizz with this trendy sleek low bun. Tight buns are in, and what better way to hide your oily hair than to add Moroccanoil Mousse and tightly tuck away those flyaways — with many celebrities rocking this stunning up style, this one is a must try this winter especially if it's the day before wash day. 

 Sleek Low Bun For Winter
image source; www.pinterest.com/sleeklowbun

Style 2: Messy Bun with Bangs

Keep flaunting your curtain bangs with this cute up-style — The go-to look to embrace those trendy bangs we all know and love. Keeping your face framed while hair is nicely tied back with a Bobby Band and out of the damaging winter weather. We love a messy bun especially when it requires little to no heat styling. This look is perfected using Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, which comes in light and dark shades to suit your hair tone. 

Messy Bun with Bangs For Winter
image source; www.pinterest.com/marieclair

Style 3: Half-Up Half-Down   

Perfect midweek up-style — allowing your natural oils and sebum to nourish and rehydrate the lengths of your hair while looking fashionable and on trend. This style is great for keeping the length of your hair and can be perfected using the Moroccanoil Mending Infusion to de-frizz those fluffy ends (optional). 


Half-Up Half-Down For Winter
image source; https://www.fq.co.nz/gallery/hailey-baldwin-hair-style-bob-best-moments/

Style 4: Power Pony  

Spontaneous dinner and drinks with the girls? Wow them with this flawless style. The perfect up-style for a last minute outing when you have 'Friday hair'. This pony screams CONFIDENCE, with its stunning shape and would you believe it only takes 5 - 10 minutes to perfect using Moroccanoil Texture Spray and Stefan Deboa Brush.

 Power Pony For Winter

Feeling inspired and want to try one of these looks now? Tag us @stefanhair in your #winterupstyles and let us know which one of these looks is your go-to. 

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