Why Regular Toning Appointments Are SO Important

Why Regular Toning Appointments Are SO Important

If you’ve recently had your hair foiled, you know how gorgeous it looks when it’s first done. All those bright, shiny highlights glistening in the sunlight are hard to resist! Unfortunately, that beautiful colour doesn’t last forever - but there is a way to keep your hair looking its best for longer.


Visiting your hair dresser in between foiling appointments for a toning touch up is key to maintaining the look that you love. Toners are specially designed to neutralize unwanted hues and keep your hair looking bright, shiny, and fresh. Plus, it's quite a speedy appointment - usually just an under an hour at the salon will do the trick.


Why does colour always fade to warm and brassy?

When lightening any hair colour, all underlying warm pigments will show through (the darker the hair or more colour build up = the warmer the result will be) The key to a clean blonde result is to lift the hair as light as possible before toning. After the toning gloss has neutralised the warm pigments, it’s common that over time the warmth can return. This happens when the oxygen in the air and sunlight, oxidises your colour over time and exposes the warmth again Other factors that contribute to brassyness include: Harsh shampoos Excessive swimming Hard water Misusing your heat styling tools (too hot and too often)

It’s important to note that toners don’t last forever either, so if you want to keep your hair looking its best, you should plan on returning to the salon every few weeks for a touch up. It may seem like an extra expense or inconvenience, but trust us - it’s worth it! Regular toning appointments will help your hair look vibrant and healthy, so you can rock those highlights for months on end.


So if you want to keep your hair looking its best, don’t forget about toning! Pay a visit to your favourite Stefan salon between foiling appointments and make sure that gorgeous colour never fades. You won’t regret it!

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