Inside the Festival Looks with GHD x Rimmel x Petal & Pup

Inside the Festival Looks with GHD x Rimmel x Petal & Pup

Splendour might have been & gone but there are plenty more where that came from with festival season fast approaching. To get you prepped and ready to deliver the very best in festival looks, we teamed up with GHD (on the hair tools ofc), Rimmel (slaying the face) and Petal & Pup (for #fashion). 

Check out what we got up to!

The Looks


You might remember Selina from when she graced our screens as one of the infamous wives on the even more infamous MAFS. Since then she has been making waves across socials with her ever so chic looks and how to hairstyles. 

She also was one of the VIP guests at our Splendour styling station! 

Stefan Styled: Mermaid style waves and bubble braids.

Fun fact: Selina is actually a qualified hairdresser so she loves (and knows) hair as much as we do!


Showing us exactly how to do a festival look was Anyang ft. the hair gems the internet cannot stop talking about rn.

You might have (aka must have) seen this powerhouse on Tik Tok where she is known for her absolute fire #fitchecks.

Stefan Styled: Natural wave + silver hair gems.


A woman who knows how to embrace her natural curls!

To say we are obsessed with all of Olivia's hair looks would be an understatement.

The fact that we got the honour of embracing the iconic curls ourselves? Obsessed.

Stefan Styled: A high (as the sky) pony, natural curls, face braids + hair coils to match.


What Do These Looks All Have In Common?

What Bonnie our Technical Director (and styling queen) said the most important step in achieving any hairstyle is: the prep. Without the right haircare routine (inc styling products) specifically curated for your hair, it's going to be very difficult to achieve the texture, hold and shine to truly #slayallday. 

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