Stefan Colour Care Shampoo

Colour Locking and Protecting Shampoo

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About the Colour Care

The Colour Care Shampoo contains UV protection designed to prevent colour fade, frizz and breakage whilst enhancing vibrance and nourishment. Suitable for both colour treated and natural hair types. 

Perfectly Paired with the Super Hairshine Conditioner & Ultimate Treatment 

How to use

Wet hair thoroughly before thoroughly massaging the Stefan Classics Shampoo from the scalp through to the ends. Rinse well. For extra clean hair, repeat shampoo and follow with Stefan Super Hairshine Conditioner and Ultimate Treatment.



  • Hydrolysed Keratin: works to increase hair strength increasing volume, strengthens your hair, and restores luster. Minimising the damaging effects of sun exposure, heat styling, chemical treatments.
  • Silk Amino Acids: work to reconstruct weakened areas, reinforces the hair’s strength and revitalises the hair for a soft, supple and shiny result.


    Stefan Colour Care Shampoo
    Stefan Colour Care Shampoo
    Stefan Colour Care Shampoo
    Over 30 years of research and refinement to develop the specifically formulated Colour Care Shampoo. A powerful cleanser designed to enhance and protect both natural and colour treated hair. Utilising UV protection to lock in vibrance and nourishment.

    With the added help of Keratin and Silk Amino Acids to provide intense moisture, strengthen your hair and reduce fly-aways. For best results, pair with it’s companions - the Super Hairshine Conditioner & Ultimate Treatment.

    Key Benefits

    protects colour
    55,0000 + Stefan retail products
    sold each year
    30 years In the making
    25,000 + Classic shampoo and conditioner
    bottles sold each year
    80% Repurchase rate
    400,000 + Customers

    Designed to hit the mark every time.

    An essential range of hair care.

    Powerful Ingredients

    Silk amino acids

    Contains a high level of serine which holds powerful hydration preservation characteristics. Offering optimal glide, shine and silkiness whilst working to reconstruct weakened areas, reinforce strength and revitalise the hair.

    Hydrolysed keratin

    Works to increase cystine content which improves the strength, volume and texture of the hair, whilst protecting from the damaging effects of sun exposure, heat styling, and chemical treatments.

    Salicylic acid

    The clarifying ingredient that keeps hair clean and promotes good scalp health. Minimising dandruff, seborrheic and dermatitis symptoms. The key to growing stronger, longer and healthier hair.