What it means to be a Bespoke Brunette

What it means to be a Bespoke Brunette

What is a Bespoke Brunette

Apparently blondes have more fun… but we heard brunettes do it better!

So what exactly is a Bespoke Brunette? Imagine this, you predominantly wear only dark coloured clothing and have just hired your own personal fashion stylist to help you add a bit more life to your existing wardrobe by adding pops of colour and accessories. Essentially, a Bespoke Brunette is the same idea! If you're a brunette who is struggling with dull & lifeless hair, our Stefan stylist will curate a personalised mix of L'Oreal professional colour that is perfectly designed to suit your natural hair, grey hair or already pre-lightened hair. Being a brunette is highly adaptable, meaning your stylist can tailor your blend to suit cool, neutral or warm skin tones.

How do we achieve it? 

So now you understand what a Bespoke Brunette is, the next thing to know is how we can achieve the look! We do this using the Multi-Tonal Demi Colour technique which is a colour application using two bespoke colours to create a multi-dimensional tone. This followed by an all over glossing treatment leaves the hair looking and feeling vibrant, glossy and soft. Obviously there is a bit more to it than that, but we don't want to confuse you with all the technical hairdresser jargon, so that’s the jist! 

Case Studies

Check out some of these awesome before and afters of these beautiful guests who came and received the Multi-Tonal Demi Colour Package.


For Lili our stylists used a colour blocking technique to keep the back of her hair close to natural, and enhanced the front panels with a lighter caramel gloss to contour her face and compliment her eyes.

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Sarah came in with already lightened hair with some heat damage from regular styling. Our stylists deepened the roots and glossed her ends to compliment her features, natural curls and complexion whilst maintaining the warmth.

CURLY HAIR TIP! Glossing is a great way to revitalise curls as it closes all of the cuticles - making the overall result less frizzy, giving you more of those desired ringlets.

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How to enhance your hair further in the salon?*

It’s not just blondes who get all the fancy enhancements, there is lots we can do to further enhance your brunette colour! Here are some enhancers to ask your stylist about next time you’re in salon:

Face Framing Highlights

4 Foils to highlight your features and contour your face

From +$45*

Ultimate Kerastase Ritual

Kerastase Fusio Dose Ritual


Ultimate Strengthening Package

  • Kerastase Fusio Dose Ritual
  • L’Oreal Metal Detox


*These enhancements are an additional cost to you colour package or service

Maintaining your Brunette Hair

Everyone knows there is an abundance of purple shampoos and treatments galore to help blondes maintain their colour, but what about brunettes! Listed below is a couple of products that we highly recommend our Bespoke Brunettes to use to maintain their beautiful colour for longer. 


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