The Ultimate Autumn Hair Care Guide

The Ultimate Autumn Hair Care Guide

Autumn is here and it’s about time we start preparing for the new season!

Kick start your post Summer hair-care regime immediately and make sure your locks welcome the cooler seasons looking vibrant, shiny and restored. Along with the cooler weather, Autumn can come with all sorts of unwanted hair issues including dry and dull tresses, sensitive scalp and extra frizz. Here are our top hair care tips to keep your hair lush throughout the cooler months.


Don’t take last season’s split ends into Autumn and start the new season off with a freshly-cut look. The harsh elements of summer can take its toll on your hair. Your ends are most likely left feeling ultra-dry and brittle after months of being exposed to harsh sunlight, UV rays, chlorine and swimming. Begin the season by investing in a good, healthy trim to freshen up your hair and get rid of any unwanted split ends. Or maybe your feeling inspired for an Autumn hair chop? Why not opt for a trending above the shoulder or lob cut. A great option if you’re looking for a change and the ideal length for somebody who loves that extra room for styling without going too short! Book an appointment at your nearest Stefan salon for a trim or new style-cut and go into the new season with a fresh look.


Banish your dry, brittle hair this Autumn with some lock-loving TLC. Just like our skin, hair requires moisture to remain shiny, hydrated and soft. Autumn is the perfect time to recharge your locks moisture and give your hair a rejuvenating boost after the hot summer months. Plan ahead and opt for a nourishing, rich conditioner and mask treatment to restore your hair to its ultra-shiny best. Shop our hydration and nourishment hair-care range or speak to our Stefan stylists for further information on what products will best suit your hair.


Keep your hair under control this season with the perfect styling routine. With a mix of heat, friction, blow-drying and sweaters, your hair will be fighting a battle with hair static, frizz and as a result usually isn't willing to cooperate with our styling efforts. Other than hydration, your next best weapon to fight frizz is good quality styling products, formulated specifically for the job. Shop our wide range of styling products or speak to your Stefan stylist about the best products for your hair type and style.


With a lack of moisture in the cooler months, the scalp produces less sebum, which can result in an itchy, irritated and dry scalp. Great news, the dynamic duo of the scalp help treatment and duboa brush is perfect for the healing the damaging effects of dry winter weather as they work together to cleanse, hydrate and repair a dry, itchy and flaky scalp. Shop this must have duo today!