Discover the NEW Kerastase Fusio Scrub In-Salon Treatment

Discover the NEW Kerastase Fusio Scrub In-Salon Treatment

Harness the invigorating power of this sensual NEW Kerastase deep cleansing in-salon scalp & hair treatment. A skincare-inspired treatment that acts just like a facial for the scalp. Fusio Scrub is an in-salon service that deep cleans and revitalizes, freeing the skin and hair from deep impurities. Combined with an essential oil boost, this in-salon experience awakens the scalp and hair, while giving an elevated therapeutic spa experience.


Scalp health is the first step to radiant hair. It is the foundation of the hair and the head’s first line of defense against the outside world. Maintain a healthy scalp with the help of Kérastase Fusio Scrub treatment.

Developed to deeply cleanse the scalp and hair much deeper than shampoo whilst also exfoliating the scalp to help remove dead skin cells, pollutants, sebum, product build-up and impurities. Fusio Scrub strips the dirt out of each strand whilst simultaneously giving you extra shine, a more lightweight feel and volume to the hair. Feel the results, from the roots to the tips as your hair reaches its longest, strongest and most luscious state.


This therapeutic spa experience will leave you with a deeply purified and detoxified scalp that promotes skin renewal, while the power of essential oils will relieve stress, leaving you to feel instantly energised with a fresh mindset. 

Before your Fusio Scrub service, your Stefan stylist will examine your scalp, diagnose any concerns and recommend the right Fusio Scrub and bespoke essential oils for you.

Scrub Energisant is a sea salt scrub designed for more oily prone scalps. Combined with the freshness of florals and a clarifying aquatic fragrance, it completely reinvigorates the head. The detoxifying power of the sea salt profoundly exfoliates the scalp, effectively removing impurities, particles and product build-up, allowing for stronger, healthier and more beautiful hair.


Scrub Apaisant is specially formulated for those with sensitive scalps to combat dryness, dandruff and flakiness. Scrub Apaisant hydrates the scalp without damaging the cuticles or causing irritation. Scrub Apaisant is a calming, gel-based scrub featuring jojoba seeds and sweet orange peel.  Its scent combines uplifting citrus zest with a dark, musky amber.







Elevate the scalp treatment to a therapeutic spa experience with the addition of bespoke essential oils.






To awaken and uplift the mind.


To soothe and calm the senses.


To stimulate and energize the spirit.



Discover this sensorial service at your nearest Stefan salon for total hair & scalp renewal. Available in all Stefan salons.