The Secret To Georgia Hassarati's Iconic Blowout

Written by: Emma Dobson



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The bouncy blowout is a timeless, versatile hairstyle guaranteed to elevate every look, style and occasion. Our girl @georgiahassarati came in recently to get her cut & colour refresh along with this signature style! One thing about this look however is that it can't be perfected on its own.You're gonna need some essential helpers. Here's what we used to create Georgia's iconic look

Prepping Your Hair 

Preparing your hair with the right products before blow drying is essential for maintaining healthy and lustrous hair. Blow drying can cause damage to the hair, such as split ends, hair breakage, and even hair loss if not done properly.  Prepping the hair with the right products also helps to make the blow-drying process more manageable, making it easier to achieve a flawless finish. Ultimately, taking the time to prepare your hair with the right products before blow drying can help to keep your hair looking healthy, vibrant, and beautiful like Georgia's!

Here are our favourite products to use to prepare Georgia's hair for styling after washing

K18 Molecular Repair Mask

Star quality hair isn't limited to the salon, Georgia uses this leave in repair mask to reverse any damage to her luscious locks from chemical services, thermal styling, and mechanical styling.

This patented bioactive peptide treatment strengthens and improves elasticity while reversing damage from chemical services, thermal styling, and mechanical styling. For all hair types.

Hair like new. This leave-in mask heals and strengthens hair with lightweight moisturizing benefits to detangle and keep hair smooth and soft, without weighing it down. For best results, use every 4-6 consecutive washes following a service.

Mending Infusion 

An ultra-lightweight, instantly absorbing finisher that helps to align and soften dry, brittle ends. Argan oil-infused formula not only seals split ends for a smooth, fresh-cut appearance but also nourishes, conditions and helps strengthen! This instant fix product reduces visible signs of unhealthiness, such as frayed ends and dryness while taming frizz and preventing further damage. Its unique texture results in a touchably soft, frictionless finish for silky and healthy-looking hair!

  • Helps seal split ends
  • Instant fix for visibly dry ends
  • Prevents further damage

Color WOW Speed Blow Dry Spray

For busy women on the go, a speed blow dry spray is an absolute game changer. This product not only helps reduce drying time but also protects your hair from heat damage! It creates a lightweight barrier that allows the heat from your blow dryer to distribute evenly, resulting in a quicker and smoother blowout. Incorporating a speed blow dry spray into your routine saves you time while still achieving a salon-worthy bouncy blowout.

Cut blow-dry time by 30% with this unique alcohol-free spray. For anyone who blow dries their hair. Essential for color-treated or dry, damaged or fragile hair.

  • Faster, less damaging blow drying
  • Heat protection + hydrating, strengthening proteins
  • Helps prevent dehydration, damage, color fade
  • Alcohol-free, no parabens, no sulfates, cruelty-free, gluten-free

"The most important part to any look is the products you use to create it” - Bonnie, Creative Director

The Blow Dry 

For an exact step by step on how to create the Bouncy Blow Out look check out our "How To" blog here

See below the products that we use to create Georgia's Iconic Bouncy Blow Out.

Stefan Heat Protect Spray

Protecting your hair from heat damage is crucial, regardless of your hair type. Applying a heat protectant before blow-drying or using heat styling tools helps minimise damage and maintains the health of your hair, ensuring it remains vibrant and lustrous.

Stefan Velcro Rollers

To add extra bounce and volume to your blowout, section your hair and roll each section onto the rollers, allowing them to set while you prepare for your day. Once removed, gently tousle your hair with your fingers for a soft and luxurious finish. Hair rollers are versatile and can be used to create a variety of hairstyles, including the timeless bouncy blowout. First time roller? Check out our blog for a step by step guide to achieve these gorgeous locks.

The Finish

Your finishing products are super important for the longevity and volume of your bouncy blow dry! See below the products we used to finish Georgia's look 

Dry Texture Spray 

Adding texture to your blowout creates depth and movement, making it appear more voluminous and effortless. Texture spray is a fantastic product for achieving that lived-in look with a touch of modern edge. It provides body and grip to your hair, enhancing its natural movement and giving your bouncy blowout that extra oomph!

  • For effortlessly undone styles
  • Volumizing
  • Long-lasting hold
  • No-slip, gritty finish
  • Touchable, non-sticky texture

Medium Hair Spray

An argan oil-infused hairspray veils hair in a reflective shield of shine that fights frizz and humidity, yet brushes out easily without any flaky residue. The non-sticky formula offers a long-lasting hold. Available in three formulations: Medium, Strong and Extra Strong.

  • Fights frizz, repels humidity
  • Leaves no flaky residue
  • Imparts a beautiful shine
  • Non-sticky, brushable formula

With the right products and techniques, you can achieve Georgia's stunning bouncy blowout that transcends age. By incorporating these hero products into your hair care routine, you'll have all the necessary tools to create this timeless hairstyle that exudes the confidence and sophistication that we love about Georgias look.