How To Use Velcro Rollers

How To Use Velcro Rollers

Congrats, you’ve got your hands on the Stefan Velcro Roller Set and are about to have gorgeous and bouncy curls. To help you achieve your look, our Technical Director Bonnie has given us a step by step guide on how to use the new Stefan Velcro Roller Set below. 

  1. Prep Your Hair

Ready your hair for the perfect curls with Velcro rollers! For best results we suggest using on your hair dry. The key to bouncy results that hold all day is building a good foundation with the right products -

Bonnie advises applying a mousse (such as Moroccanoil Volumising Mousse) in damp hair before drying with your blowdryer or brushing in Kevin Murphy's Blow Dry Ever Bounce to dry hair, and drying the product in with your blowdryer.

  1. Get the ball (or velcro) rolling!

With a comb, Bonnie recommends sectioning the top of your head where your part lives, generally in line with the arch of each eyebrow going back all the way to your crown, this top section should fit around 4 rollers. Finally, warm up each section with your blowdryer, straightening iron OR curling wand before you wind.

Now wind your hair backwards away from your forehead for maximum results!

Secure each roller at the root of your hair using a clip, if required. Velcro rollers are self-gripping, but those with thicker and straighter strands might need some extra hold; the pins that come with our Stefan Rollers can do just that! Continue this process by rolling each one and repeat these steps all over your head. As Bonnie suggests "Start from top to bottom, section by section until you get through your entire head."

  1. Keep It Secure, but don't over do it 

To ensure that your hair will last, before removing the rollers, spray with the Eleven Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray as suggested by Bonnie. This not only locks in the shape you desire but also leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth instead of crunchy.

According to Bonnie, "Use your hairdryer at a high heat setting with low airflow before your wind, when you're done Bonnie suggests leaving them in from anywhere between 10 minutes up to 30 minutes as you go about getting ready! (long enough for them to completely cool down)

  1. Finally, it is time to take out the rollers and enjoy your luscious curls!

With caution, gently slide out each roller in the same direction you wound it up. According to Bonnie, this is when "tangling often occurs—so don't be too forceful!" It's essential to take your time and not rush through this step of unrolling your hair.

To add body and lift to your hair, flip it forward then mist at the roots with a little dry texture spray or dry shampoo. Flipping your hair back again, tousle from side to side as the product sets for maximum root-lift that will defy gravity! For an added boost of volume run a wide tooth comb (or use fingers carefully) through your locks starting just beyond the roots down the mid lengths but stopping before reaching ends.


Tips to keep in mind

When it comes to Velcro rollers and hair types, Bonnie says that "mid-length to short hair works best," as the strength of hold that the Velcro roller creates is harder for longer and heavier lengths. Fine, straight, and minimally textured hair also work well.

Finally, to maintain curls try using a product like the Kevin Murphy Dry Conditioner spray that will smooth down frizz while adding shine and enhancing your curls.

So there you have it! Share your results on socials by tagging @stefanhair & using the hashtag #styledbystefan and be featured on our page 


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