Don't Be a Hair Brush Hoarder: Why You Should Replenish Your Brushes!

Let's be honest, how often do you really replace your hair brushes? Or do you hoard them until they are practically disintegrating in your hands? It's time to stop being a hair brush hoarder and learn why replenishing your brushes is important. Not only will it save you from pulling your hair out (literally), but it will also improve the health of your hair. Let's dive in!

1. Dirty Brushes = Dirty Hair

You brush your hair to clean and style it, but did you know that your hair brushes can accumulate dirt, oil, and bacteria that can get transferred onto your hair? That's why it's important to clean your brushes frequently and replace them when necessary. A good rule of thumb is to replace your brushes every six months to a year.

2. Say Goodbye to Tangles and Breakage

Using old and worn out brushes can cause more harm than good. The bristles can become rough and jagged, leading to tangles and breakage. Replenishing your brushes ensures that you are using good quality bristles that will gently glide through your hair.

girl with brushed out hair

3. Better Styling Results

Have you ever tried to style your hair with a brush that has bent or broken bristles? It's nearly impossible to get the look you want. Replacing your brushes will provide you with the best tools for the job, leading to better styling results.

4. Don't Forget About Hygiene

Aside from the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, using old hair brushes can lead to other hygiene issues. Mould and mildew can grow on the bristles as well as build up of product if they are not properly cleaned or stored. Nobody wants that lurking in their hair brushes or scalp! It's time to put them to rest and replace them with fresh ones.

5. Invest in Your Hair

We spend so much money on hair products and treatments, why not invest in good quality hair brushes as well? Replenishing your brushes may seem like a small investment, but it can have a big impact on the health and appearance of your hair.

Don't let hair brush hoarding be the downfall of your hair. Replenishing your brushes, while it may seem like a small task, is important for the overall health and appearance of your hair. It ensures that you are using quality tools to clean, style, and care for your hair. So, the next time you go to reach for that old, worn-out brush, prepare to say goodbyes and say hello to fresh, new ones!