Do You Need A Colour Touch Up Or Colour Correction?

Do You Need A Colour Touch Up Or Colour Correction?

Do you need a colour touch up or colour correction?

Have you been unable to have your hair done for longer than two months and have quite long regrowth? Well, if this is you and your wanting your foils or colour freshened up, you might be surprised to learn that this would actually be classed as a colour correction service!

Why? Well, when you have long regrowth, the previous colour can start to look uneven and patchy. This means that a colour touch up won’t be enough to get your hair looking its best. With a colour correction service, your hairdresser will need to take extra time and precision to ensure that the colour applied looks even and flawless.

This is because your scalp generates heat that excels the colour process only in the first couple of centimetres of hair, so when your regrowth is long the colour will develop differently closer to the scalp than it would on the sections that are slightly further away. Your stylist will need to use a colour correction technique to make sure the colour is even from roots to ends which does take more time, however you will see your desired results. 

Plus, if you’ve gone through a bit of a hair colour change journey – maybe you’re going from brunette to blonde or vice versa – then it can be difficult to achieve your desired colour with just a colour touch up. A full colour correction service is the best way to get your hair looking truly fabulous again.

So, if you’ve got long regrowth, speak with your stylist about whether you will need a colour correction or just a touch up. Your hair will thank you!

See the video and images below of an example of a guest who received a colour correction service