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Evo Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax

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Evo Shebangabang Dry Spray Wax 200ml a versatile dry texture spray that creates separation and natural movement with a matte finish in all hair types.

  • suitable for all hair types
  • creates workable, pliable texture with separation and movement
  • versatile spray wax that can be used on any hair type to style wet or dry hair
  • easy mist application provides even distribution to easily build styles
  • fragrance notes - woody, ambery, aromatic, fruity

Shebang-a-bang dry spray wax is a versatile hair styling spray that can be applied to damp or dry hair to create volume, texture and aid style support. This spray wax contains moisturising properties to enhance combability and add shine.

Shebang-a-bang can be layered with day of grace pre-style primer to achieve a smoother finish when blow-drying. this dry spray wax is part of the style family offering styling and finishing options for all hair types.

How To Use: 

  • shake well
  • spray on damp hair and blow-dry
  • spray on dry hair for a textured finish
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Evo Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax
Evo Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax
Evo Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax