TREND ALERT: Vanilla Baby Blonde

TREND ALERT: Vanilla Baby Blonde

As we move away from cool and icy tones, clients are often nervous of going to the other extreme and appearing 'too warm'. Vanilla Baby Blonde is the perfect solution. Offering a dreamy, 'neutral' blonde that's creamy, and beige, incorporating golden undertones for a more natural and expensive looking colour.

Unlike most blonde tones that wash-out or overbear different skin tones, Vanilla Baby Blonde complements a wide range of complexions. Whether you have fair porcelain skin, a deeper tone or anywhere in between, Vanilla Baby Blonde can be tailored to suit your individual features, making it a universally flattering colour.

Another perk of the Vanilla Baby Blonde is that it's low-maintenance! In comparison to scalp lightening or platinum blondes that require frequent touch-ups and salon visits, Vanilla Baby Blonde is relatively easy to maintain. By adding a root stretch and poppy face frame, you will still leave the salon with that high-impact blonde feeling, whilst growing out seamlessly and lasting longer between appointments!

With the right hair care routine and occasional toning sessions, you can keep your blonde looking fresh, healthy and vibrant, whilst helping your stylist achieve the best results in salon. We recommend booking in for a Fusio Dose Treatment between lightening appointments and taking home a Fab Pro Conditioner, a toning conditioner personalised to your individual colour (no over-toning or brassy tones in sight)! 

So if you love this look, we recommend booking The Ultimate Blonde or Half Head of Highlights package and saving this article as inspo to show your stylist!