How Is A Brush Like A Friend?

How Is A Brush Like A Friend?

Because you always need more than one!!   

So often we arrive in salon with the understanding that it takes the right products to care for, maintain and re-create our new hairstyle at home. But how often do we think about the everyday tools we will need to be armed with to ensure the same results?

Sure, we own a hairdryer, a straightener or curling wand; but do we own more than 1 hairbrush? Are we even using the right brush for our hair type or to do the correct styling job?

We know it takes many different brushes to achieve the right makeup looks, but will give little thought that the same rule applies to our hair. I am going to break it down for you so you can gear up with the right arsenal to ensure you only have good hair days.

Curve Ionic Paddle Brush – This wide, rectangular brush has been designed to detangle while gliding easily with your control through the hair. Can be used in all hair types to help smooth without breaking the natural pattern of your curls and waves. The large area brush is gentle and massaging on your scalp as you brush which helps promote a healthy scalp and stimulate the follicle for strong growth.

Stefan Classic Brush – Our most Iconic Brush! Its firm bristles have been designed to gently glide through the hair without snagging or pulling, perfect for our fine haired guests that are concerned about breakage. This is the perfect brush to create the ultimate sleeked back look or create extra volume with back combing. A must have to create texture in your ponytails or add volume and fullness to your up styles. It feels beautiful on the scalp and evenly distributes the natural oils through the hair. Highly recommend using after heat styling and before bed to condition dry ends.

Stefan Ceramic Thermal Blow-Drying Brushes - The perfect blow-dry takes 4 things – Practice, arm strength, time and the right brushes. Our round brushes use ceramic ionic thermal barrels, mixed bristles and a rubber hand grip to really get hold of your hair and help create that flawless volume blow dry. The mix of natural bristles with nylon ensures as the brush heats up the bristles soften and prevent scratching the scalp. The heated barrels tame frizz and polishes the hair leaving your locks looking shiny and silky – exactly the result a well-executed blow-dry should have. Our brushes come in deferent sizes to create different results. The smaller barrels create a tighter curl, whereas the larger barrels can smooth and straighten or wave the hair depending on how you twist the brush as you pass the hair through while blow drying.  Now all you have to do hit the gym to build up your muscles and have a go at perfecting your blow dry at home.

The good news is that these brushes are much kinder to your bank account than that make up brush set you didn’t think twice about before purchasing.