Ekka Runway 2022 Styling Secrets

Ekka Runway 2022 Styling Secrets

Can you believe after 2 long years, The Ekka has finally come back! To add to the excitement, we are so thrilled to be the major hair and makeup sponsor for Ekka Fashion and the Natural Fibres Runway show. The parades reflect on the journey of fibres to fashion and showcases the many hands that come together when making a garment. Audiences will be educated on the colourful and creative ways natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, hemp and linen, are used to create the final garments. 

Our role in the show was to create hairstyles styles to go with the multitude of different looks from the designers and their fashion. Our styling products of choice is Kevin Murphy and below we have detailed exactly what we’ve used for some of our looks and tips for re-creating these looks from home! 

Look 1 - Copper Top Knot 


For this look we wanted to reduce frizz and create a gorgeous textured top knot with bounce curled bangs to frame her face. 

Products used to create this look 

- Kevin Murphy Ever Lift Hair Resort Spray 

- Kevin Murphy Body Builder Spray 

- Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Powder Puff

- Kevin Murphy Doo Over 

- Kevin Murphy Heated Defense 


Look 2 - Natural Bouncy Curls  


For Miraciah, she has gorgeous natural curls so we simply wanted to enhance what she already had! To do this we used the following products... 

- Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion 

- Kevin Murphy Young Again Spray 

- Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Spray 

Quick How-to! 

With wet hair, run motion lotion from mids-to-ends and diffuse curls until dry. To create further definition use a curling wand around the face and any curls that aren't as defined to ensure bounce and volume. Finish with Kevin Murphy Young Again Spray and Shimmer Shine Spray to add softness and shine. 

Look 3 - Textured Pony With Woven Ribbon Detail

Look 3 we wanted to create a beautiful textured ponytail on Saraniya with gorgeous ribbon detailing. 

For products we used:

- Kevin Murphy Touchable Spray 

- Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair 

- Kevin Murphy Powder Puff 


Look 4 - Figure 8 Slick Back Bun 


Look 4 The classic slick back bun with a twist! For Louise, we wanted to put a spin on your everyday slick bun by adding a figure 8 detail with the ends fanned out. 

To create this look we use:

- Kevin Murphy Easy Rider

- Kevin Murphy Touchable Spray

- Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine