Before + After: The Sun-ette Trend with L'Oreal Express Highlights

Before + After: The Sun-ette Trend with L'Oreal Express Highlights


Are you looking to give your brunette locks some new-found shine and dimension but just don’t have the TIME? Introducing L’Oréal Express Highlights, your ultimate go-to for this season’s HOTTEST trend, Sun-ette! Available now at all Stefan salons.  

The Instant Highlights express lightening system is composed of the Instant Highlights tool, cream, and dedicated aluminium foils. All three products have been designed to work together. The Instant Highlights lightening cream is designed with pro-heat technology to have its lift power sped-up by heat. It is enriched in oil to ensure an optimal texture for controlled lightening results. 

The Instant Highlights tool generates a 140°C temperature, which is regulated every 0,2 seconds. This regulated temperature is lower than classical straighteners to enable an even lift. 

The Instant Highlights foils are 18 microns thick and composed with a controlled aluminium purity to keep the lift boost under control. 

This system enables hairdressers to create customized highlights in only 45 minutes. This is half the time of most lightening services. Instant Highlights is recommended for partial lightening techniques only, such as face contouring or natural-looking highlights up to 15 highlights. 


Ideal for boss ladies + busy Mamas looking for a flattering new look that’s low on commitment, the sun-ette trend is natural yet looks like you’ve just returned from vacay in Mykonos (yes, please!)

Our stylists execute the perfect sun-ette style by lightening exactly where the sun would hit to transform your colour naturally whilst framing your face to accentuate you best features. And did we mention creating these tailor-made highlights are created in HALF THE TIME?!

Who said blondes have to have all the fun? Visit your local Stefan salon and Sun-ette your locks for a quick, easy and natural-looking colour update. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW!

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Join us in salon and experience our new L'oreal Express Highlights service for yourself! 

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