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Evo Heads Will Roll Co-Wash

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Evo Heads Will Roll Co-Wash 300ml is a low-foam cleansing conditioner that gently washes and conditions in one step to remove build-up, moisturise and improve curl manageability. 

  • recommended for medium to coarse curly, coily and tight textures
  • sulfate-free cleansers gently cleanse the scalp and hair to remove product build-up, dirt and excess oil
  • deeply moisturises and conditions without weighing curls down
  • hydrates to support natural curl shape and pattern
  • improves manageability by reducing frizz and preparing curls for easier styling
  • fragrance notes - oriental, woody, spicy, leather, ambery

Heads Will Roll Co-Wash is a dual-action cleansing conditioner that simultaneously removes product build-up while deeply moisturising.

This gentle cleansing co-wash contains avocado oil, which offers antioxidant and protective benefits to the hair. The use of jojoba seed oil moisturises and softens each strand, helping to minimise frizz.

Heads Will Roll works to enhance the natural curl pattern without added weight, leaving curls light, hydrated and easier to style. heads will roll co-wash is part of the curl family, designed to support and enhance all curl types.

How To Use: 

  • wet hair
  • massage a generous amount into scalp
  • work product from roots to ends with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, then rinse
  • for best results, repeat process
  • use in-between deep cleaning as required
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Evo Heads Will Roll Co-Wash
Evo Heads Will Roll Co-Wash
Evo Heads Will Roll Co-Wash
Evo Heads Will Roll Co-Wash