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The Myer Centre, 91 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000
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Rejuvenate Your Frazzled Hair at the Hair Salon in Brisbane City with the Friendliest Hairdressers! Your Stefan Hairdresser is Waiting

It’s no secret that for your hair to look excellent, you must take good care of it. However, even the most intensive at-home hair care routine is no match for some of Australia’s crazy weather. Whether the high heat is frying your hair or the humidity is taking its toll, keeping your hair looking the way you like it is sometimes a challenge. Whether you want to start over with a new style or you just want to give your hair some “tender loving care,” heading to a professional hairdresser in Brisbane City isn’t a bad idea. Which one should you choose, though? There are many, but none quite like the passion and bold styles you’ll find at Stefan Hair Fashions.

Our hair salon in Brisbane City offers you a comforting retreat when you want to fix up your hair. We have many services available, all dispensed by incredibly talented and vibrant hairdressers. Looking for a rejuvenating and healing treatment for your hair? We’ve got loads of them from which to choose. When you want to get away the from the weather and spend some time giving your hair the attention it needs, making Stefan your salon of choice has distinct advantages.

We are the competitively priced top quality hairdressers for Brisbane City

Why visit our hairdressers when your hair needs help? For starters, we have a wide range of industry-standard products that are well suited to helping heal your locks. Stefan stocks only the finest hair care and beauty products on the market — and we make our own, too. That means that you’re getting the benefit of the best active ingredients out there, the ones that go straight to work on repairing your hair and strengthening it.

Perhaps instead of repairing seasonal damage, you just want to escape the seasonal weather and enjoy the luxury of a salon experience. Our Ultimate Nourishing Treatment is accompanied by a scalp massage that will leave you feeling totally relaxed. Ask your hairdresser about our cleansing peppermint and softening coconut oil treatments, too. When you take the time to gently treat your hair with the care it deserves, you’ll reap beautiful rewards. Lustrous locks even in the stagnant heat of summer can easily become your reality with the correct treatments.

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Taking excellent care of your hair means doing more than simply shampooing and using conditioner on a regular basis. Sometimes, you need to go a step further by visiting a hairdresser. Whether it’s because you’re ready to change the way your hair looks entirely or because you’ve noticed some damage, professional help is always your best bet. The extremely talented Stefan stylists and hairdressers in Brisbane City are eager to share their advice with you. We care about your hair! When your locks need some extra attention, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our crew. Reach our salon in the Myer Shopping Centre of Brisbane City by phoning on 0732298711.