You Need These 3 Hair Styling Products In Your Life + Here's Why

You Need These 3 Hair Styling Products In Your Life + Here's Why

Looking after your hair goes beyond using the right shampoo and conditioner. However, have you ever felt spoilt for choice when it comes to what styling products are essential in maintaining the nourishment, colour and protection of your hair?

We are here to break it down for you.

Before you get too hung up on what product you need to get volume, before you pick up your blow-dryer or flat iron, or even think about what you need to set your hair and get it to stay, you need to focus on your foundations.

Foundation products are designed to be applied to your still damp, freshly washed locks. These products are your “defense against the dark arts” - Harry Potter. Meaning, you need these to make sure whatever happens to your hair next, your hairs going to remain safe and strong.

Welcome to combat - Stefan Ultimate leave-in treatment. 

The golden tube of glory has been luxuriously created with keratin active ingredients. Designed to deliver smooth, healthy and manageable hair ready for styling. It’s lightweight, nourishing formula contains natural UV filters to combat colour fading and drying out while improving the hair’s health with every application.

Enter the arena - Stefan Heat Protective Spray. 

Our little spray bottle champion will protect your hair from the harmful effects of heat. Designed with scientifically developed technology to shield your hair from environmental stresses and heat-styling tools. This mighty product will protect your hair from the sun and assist with colour retention. A must-use warrior to avoid split-ends and moisture loss when styling hair regularly.

The dual action hero is called to triumph – Stefan Styling Hydrate Oil Treatment. 

This hydration lord can be used before and after heat styling. Infused with Argon Oil, the enriching treatment absorbs into the hair providing a beautiful shine, whilst protecting the hair from heat styling tools and environmental damage. When used on dry hair it helps to re-hydrate and nourish the ends while smoothing down frizz and fly aways. Not all heroes wear capes, right!

Now you have the run down on essential foundation products, you will be able to tackle your styling desires knowing your hair is well protected, hydrated and wearing sunscreen. 

Shop our products online or in store now. Happy playing!