Ah hair extensions! The magic of long hair in one appointment at your Stefan salon! 

When you think of extensions, you might think about long long loooong hair. But, extensions are not just limited to length. Think fullness and volume!! 

Hair Extensions are indeed a great way to add length and volume to your hair. The point we want to make is that extensions can create length OR volume or BOTH. 

One of our favourite ways to use and recommend extensions to our guests is to add volume through the front and sides of their hair. This creates a fuller appearance around the face - great for enhancing features!! 

At Stefan's we use TAPE extensions - the safest form of semi-permanent extensions. We also have CLIP-IN extensions which are non-permanent extensions that can be easily clipped in and out of your hair at any time!

Here's our list of all the great reasons you will love extensions!

- Instant added volume or length or BOTH!

- They can add highlights to your hair without lightening or colouring your real hair

- They can be coloured like real hair

- You can wash them, curl them and straighten them like real hair

- They are easily removed and / or re-applied

We don't recommend tape extensions for the following guests:

- If you have short hair where the tapes will be visible on the scalp

- If you have sensitised roots or scalp 

- If you regularly swim in chlorine or the ocean

What you need to know

- Tape hair extensions need to be 're-taped' every 8 weeks

- You will need to take great care of them! Just like you would with your real hair

- You will need to use our recommended home maintenance shampoo and conditioner to ensure the tapes stay strong in your hair.

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