The Miracle Product That Is Changing The Way We Colour Hair


Free your hair from boring colour!

Why stop at brunette or blonde when you could inject Super! Major! Ultra! fun into your everyday life by dying your hair any colour of the rainbow? At Stefan Hair Salons we are now turning customers into unicorns, pretty pastel pink flamingos and icey blue angels through the magic hair colour product, EVO Fabulouso Pro. Honestly, with this product any colour can be created – it’s a dream product!
Want to know how it works? Okay, well EVO is a deposit only, ammonia and peroxide free dye that offers direct pigment in a nourishing conditioner base. Or basically in lay terms, it offers you the ability to drastically change your hair colour whilst maintaining (not effecting) your hair health. Amazing, right? Not only do we no longer have to worry about our hair condition in the process of colour change but also EVO Fabulouso offers us the ability to shake up our hair colour without committing to a permanent colour change. This is because the product is a semi-permanent colour and we control the hue’s intensity. The colour dye is initially applied in salon and then you receive a customised take home conditioner that you apply to your hair in the shower whenever you want to refresh your colour. This process lets you take total control of your hair colour! Also, colours you once only dreamed of having are now achievable through the product’s unlimited colour palette. So, if you’re wanting to dye your hair a vibrant colour but want a product that totally respects your scalp and hair integrity in the process, EVO Fabulouso Pro is a must-try!
If we haven’t already convinced you to take the leap and paint your hair pink, purple or any other colour of the rainbow, below is some amazing images of hair colours created with EVO Fabulous Pro that we are totally lusting over!
Only available in selected Stefan Salons:
Myer Centre
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