The Spring Hair Trend You’ll Want To Try!

Over the last few months, we have seen this cutting-edge hair trend popping up amongst some of the most #ontrend A-listers. That’s right, your favourite celebrities have been getting the shoulder-length chop.


It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, so some may say that we southerners, should be following a different ‘hair trend schedule’. Considering the summer-esque temperatures Australia has endured this past week, what better time than now to get your hair ready for the warmer months?  There are so many perks to having shorter hair – it dries faster, is easier to style and is generally low maintenance.

Have a browse through these famous babes and their chopped locks to get inspo for your new look!

Soft and Silky

Bella usually keeps it soft and low key, and this vibe really caught on when she decided to go even shorter. Whether you have naturally soft and flowy hair or you fake it with a Pro Speed Hair Dryer, shine is everything!  After you blow-dry, lightly polish your hair with the Stefan Shine Spray and lock in that ultimate shine, girl! You can use this on untouched or styled hair for that carefree Bella finish.

Ombre Babe

Khloe always has fun playing with her extensions, so it’s no surprise that this month she’s back to her short and sweet locks. This Kardashian is naturally blonde and as you can see, the ombre works really well with the shorter do. We’re obsessing over her blunt cut and beige tones. If you’ve been contemplating going blonder and shorter, Khloe might just be your ultimate hair inspiration.

We recommend the Blonde Kit to maintain your cool and creamy tones.

Going Out With Textured Bangs!

Alexa Chung is well known for keeping her hair at shoulder-length and letting her bangs do the talking. Achieving the Alexa charm requires minimal styling, so this style is for those who roll out of bed with effortlessly wavy hair.  All you’ll need; a Brush, Heat Protector Spray and a Straightening Iron. Firstly, spray to protect your hair from the harmful effects of heat. Now, perfect those blunt bangs with your Straightening Iron (you can either do a slight wave or straighten or both) and continue this action through the rest of your hair – not too straight and not too curly. You can cover every inch or just do pieces – depending on how much styling your hair requires to look ‘naturally’ wavy. Finally, lightly brush your hair to loosen the waves and soften the overall look. If soft and touchable waves sound like something you’re keen to try, order your Stefan Styling Straightener Pack online now!  Keep your locks effortlessly textured with a matte finish, using the one and only Stefan Styling Texture Cream.

Sleek Chic

Kendall is #kween of the slick and shiny. Getting the famed ‘chop’ and using your styling tools on intense heat can result in your hair follicles frying, causing split ends and lacklustre locks. Keep your hair health (and shine) in check by drying or styling your mane on a lower-temperature setting. Before you blow-dry, be sure to use the Stefan Heat Protector spray as it is perfect to shield your locks from extreme heat. All Stefan Styling Tools have the option to adjust the temperature and minimise damage to your hair.

Finish with the Flexible Hold HairSpray so you can achieve that Kendall Jenner glossy gleam.

If you’re loving the shoulder-length trend or you’re now inspired to go blonder, darker or rock some Alexa Chung bangs – book online or pop into salon and chat to one of our experienced stylists.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream hair!