Summer Squeezie Pouches

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These ALL NATURAL + 100% VEGAN Summer Squeezie Pouches are your answer to an endless Summer.

CACAO COCO SUN TANNING OIL : Enriched with Organic Coconut Oil and Cacao Extract, achieve an instant bronze glow whilst hydrating your skin from head to toe.

AROMA COCO HYDRATING BODY OIL : ECOCOCO’s best kept secret to relaxation! Enriched with Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Natural Lavender Oil, the ECOCOCO Hydrating Body Oil will hydrate and relax you from head to toe.

CLEAR COCO PURIFYING FACE MASK : Harness the power of the ocean with ECOCOCO’s Purifying Face Mask formula! Made from Coconut Oil and Sea Salt, which work together to effectively cleanse and remove toxins from your skin. Use to exfoliate, purify, balance and nourish your skin whilst providing you with a luminous, clear and hydrated glow.

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