Repairing Damaged Summer Hair

For the vast majority of us, healthy hair isn’t a genetic blessing. Just like our bodies, our hair needs regular TLC in order to look and feel healthy. The summer months can wreak havoc on our tresses. Chlorinated water, too much salt water and sun exposure can cause brittleness, dryness and dullness. While our environment, diet, lifestyle and hairstyling choices can definitely affect hair health, we can use certain products to help nourish and sustain healthy hair. At Stefan, we love L’Oreal and Kerastase professional hair care products as they have been scientifically formulated to deliver proven results at affordable prices. In Stefan Salons, we offer these products as tailor-made-in-salon solutions for all levels of damage. If your hair is feeling limp, dry, coarse, thin or even colour-damaged we have a professional product to repair your hair. If you want to repair your hair at home, the L’Oreal and Kerastase professional haircare ranges are the answer to your hair needs.
Want to discover the perfect product for your damaged summer hair? Read on!

L’Oreal Pro Fiber Range


L’Oreal Pro Fiber is a hair care range specifically formulated for damaged hair. After 15 years of intense research, L’Oréal’s Research laboratories developed a sophisticated haircare technology: the APTYL 100 molecular complex. If you’re not a science wiz, the exact technology can be difficult to understand. But, in lay terms the Pro Fibre range makes use of a patented molecular complex that is able to penetrate the hair fibre and reinforce and rebuild the cortex. This is a GREAT thing for damaged hair. Also, within the formula is a polymer that acts as a sheath, coating the hair fibre to create strength and shine. But what is polymer? To get all scientific again, polymer has a highly cationic charge, which attracts itself to negatively charged damaged areas of hair. Sounds pretty cool, huh? So are the results!

L’Oreal’s Scientific Communications Director, Particia Pineau says,

“It’s the best formula we’ve ever achieved in the field of damaged hair.”

 The L’Oreal Pro Fiber range is designed to be used initially as an in-salon treatment followed by a complimentary at-home programme. At Stefan Hair, we offer our in-salon L’Oreal Pro Fiber Recreate Basin treatment from just $30. After treating yourself to a L’Oreal Pro Fiber Recreate Basin Treatment you can prolong the smoothing effect of your in-salon treatment by following the at-home programme. Use the shampoo everyday alongside conditioner and every 4th wash substitute the conditioner for the re-charge booster.
The treatments come in four variants for different levels of hair damage and are meant to be used as a three step system.

Pro Fiber Level 1 – Recreate

The Level 1 – Recreate range is ideal for fine to very fine damaged hair. The product instantly restores hair and replumps it without feeling weighed down.

Pro Fiber Level 2 – Revive

The ideal shampoo for fine, normal to slightly damaged hair to prolong the effect of the Pro Fiber in-salon treatment. Hair appears instantly nourished and revived. The hair fibre looks shiny and feels soft, smooth and lightweight from root-to-tip.

Pro Fiber Level 3 – Restore

The Restore hair care shampoo is perfect for medium to thick, damaged hair. The product restores hair shine and makes it feel soft, smooth and lightweight from root-to-tip.

Pro Fiber Level 4 – Recover

The Recover hair care shampoo, is perfect for thick, very damaged hair. The product helps damaged hair appear not only cleansed but with recovered strength. From root-to-tip the hair looks smoother and feels stronger.
Enjoy the benefits of the powerful product and watch your hair come back to life!



Kerastase Paris has been the Hair and Scalp expert since 1964, offering continuous innovation in its product creations and prescriptive solutions for every haircare need. Kerastase Paris is known for its iconic haircare products and professional rituals which offer tailored solutions for the sublime transformation of hair. At Stefan Hair we offer Kerastase Paris basin treatments and take home products. Kerastase Paris have a range of haircare products purposed for different hair types and problems. To repair damaged hair at home, we recommend the Kerastase Paris Nutritive & Densifique ranges.

Nutritive Treatment

Revisited in 2016, the new Kerastase Nutritive collection offers personalised care to boost nourishment and protection, personalised to your level of dryness. The Nutritive collection is a nourishing collection is a nourishing care designed to make hair supple and soft to touch. The range targets dry hair symptoms at the core with a custom routine for three levels of dryness. Our Stefan Hair professionals will identify your hair needs to determine the right treatment based on your dryness level, ranging from slightly dry, dry and severely dried hair. Based on this profile, an appropriate 3 step at-home regime is selected from the Nutritive range to ensure that hair continues to be nourished post in-salon treatment.

Densifique Treatment

In 2016, Kerastase created two Densifique collections adapted to the distinct needs of men and women experiencing hair loss. The Densifique range is designed to significantly improve hair density. It contains a powerful blend of Stemoxydine ®, to encourage the growth of new hair and texturizing polymers to create an instant densifying effect that is soft to the touch and vitamins B3, B5 and B6 to help reduce hair loss, regulate sebum and strengthen the hair fibre. The program increases hair mass, resulting in healthy and full looking hair. Head into your local Stefan Salon to receive your professional consultation, in-salon basin treatment and home-care pack.
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L’Oréal Pro Fiber Packs – $45
Kerastase Hair Packs – $65