HOW TO: Care For Your Clip Ins


Clip-ins are your ultimate best friend when it comes to changing up your look with ease. But let’s be honest, heat styling from blow-drying to curling puts your extensions through a-lot of wear and tear on a daily basis – which can leave your extensions looking a little flat and in need of a whole lotta love. Look after your extensions and maintain their Stefan shine by following our top tips for soft, smooth and absolutely GORGEOUS hair!

We follow these 3 simple TLC steps when maintaining our clip-in hair extensions:


1. Wash + Detangle

Clip in hair extensions DON’T need to be washed often – hooray! Owed to the fact they do not receive oils from our scalp like our natural hair, we recommend washing your extensions when you notice a build-up of hair product – this is usually around 20 wears. No fancy treatment is required either, just treat them with all the love and attention you’d give your own hair!

We recommend treating them with our Stefan Daily Hair Shampoo + Conditioner - why these?

Our TOP TIPS for washing your Clip-in Extensions:

  • TO avoid breakage, split-ends and damage NEVER wash your clip-ins whilst they are still attached to your natural hair.
  • Warm water is preferred when shampooing in a downward motion for the weft to the base.
  • Avoid twisting, scrubbing or rubbing your hair extensions during the shampoo process as this will help avoid tangles.
  • Always remember to condition + add a repair masque (Our clip-ins LOVE our Stefan Ultimate Leave-In Treatment) every second wash or so. This will prevent your extensions from becoming lack-lustre and drying out from heat styling.
  • After applying the treatment, brush your hair out carefully to distribute the product evenly and smooth hair out, we recommend our Stefan Hair Extensions Brush for ultimate care.


2. Protect + Dry

 Now that you know how to wash + detangle your clip-in hair extensions the next most important step is drying your extensions correctly. You have two options; natural dry or heat drying.

Natural Dry

After brushing hair, we recommend to lay each extension flat on a clean towel, somewhere dry and not too close to direct sunlight. Overnight your extensions will dry perfectly without the use of a hairdryer, which in-turn retains moisture and avoids your extensions drying up from heat exposure.

Heat Dry

Short on time and don’t have time for a natural dry? No worries, your Stefan clip-in hair extensions can be blow-dried! After washing, try to leave your extensions for a moment to naturally dry off – it’s important that they aren’t soaking wet to start off with. Before jumping straight into blow-drying, make sure to Spray or Apply (cream) your heat protectant, covering all section to avoid any heat damage to your gorgeous locks. Then follow by slowly drying your clip-in hair on the lowest heat setting. It’s important you blow the hair down from the clip towards the ends, for this allows the hair to dry smooth and makes brushing a dream.


 3. Keep Safe

The ultimate tip for making sure your clip-in extensions last longer comes down to how you store them! Your Stefan clip-in extensions (once dried) can be stored in their original packaging or any box or bag that keeps them safe – free of dust and dirt. We recommend braiding your extensions lightly when storing them as this helps avoid any tangles and also creates a slight wave to the extensions – a look which many love!