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When you’ve spent all day hard at work, nothing is a bigger relief than realising that you don’t have to show up to work the next day. Whether the weekend is beginning or you simply have a day off, it’s a chance to relax, unwind, and treat yourself. After all, taking care of yourself is important; it allows you to put in 110% at work and in every other area of your life. Knowing when to slow down and relax is important. If you have a long-awaited day off coming up, why not experience the fun and excitement that always accompanies changing up your hairstyle at the hairdressers? Whether you’re looking for colour work like ombre or balayage or you just want a cut and style, there is a premier hair salon in North Lakes ready to help you de-stress: Stefan Hair Fashions.

With the best hairdressers in North Lakes working out of our location in the North Lakes Westfield Shopping Centre, making your way to us on your day off is no problem. We have an incredible variety of different packages to choose from, allowing you to customise your salon experience. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on providing competitive rates for incredible service. Take a minute to daydream about all the exciting ways you can improve your look!

Feeling like a makeover? Let our hairdressers in North Lakes handle it

When you get up on your day off and look in the mirror, are you tired of the look you see reflected in the glass? If you’ve been wearing your hair for the same way for months now, it’s probably time for a change. Not only will heading down to the hairdresser give you a chance to change things up, but it’s great stress relief, too. Being in total control of your personal style is a wonderful feeling, and at a Stefan hair salon, giving you that feeling is our hairdressers’ goal.

The “Make Me Over” package we offer is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for your time away from the office. Starting with a relaxing shampoo and condition, one of our hairdressers will also give you a gorgeous stylecut just the way you want it. With the option for an iron or blow-dry finish plus eyebrow waxing and tinting, it’s the real deal. When your hairdresser is finished, you’ll walk out looking and feeling confident in yourself — just the way it should be!

Give us a call today — we’re ready to book your appointment

When you work hard, you deserve the enjoyment that comes from finally getting a day away from your job. What better way than to have a mind-blowing experience with a Stefan hairdresser in North Lakes? Our competitively priced packages make our comfy salon the perfect place to spend an afternoon. After you finish up, why not take your new look out on the town? Score a hot date, or just take yourself out to a well-deserved dinner. Treat yourself to a bonus after a hard week of work. Book your appointment with a hairdresser today at our location in the North Lakes Westfield Shopping Centre — reach us by phone on 0733850677.