Choose a Hair Salon Package That Meets Your Needs when You Work with One of Stefan’s Hairdressers in Mount Gravatt

No two people have the same hair, and even if they did, they would probably have different preferences for style, length, colouring and other characteristics. At Stefan Hair Fashions, we recognise and respect these inherent differences. Our hair, makeup and grooming services are not and have never been structured around a ‘one size fits all’ ideal. Instead, we want to make sure that you get precisely the hair salon package that meets your needs.

About Stefan’s Different Hair Styling Services

When you come into Stefan Hair Fashions looking for a hairdresser in Mount Gravatt, you can expect more than just a simple cut. We have dozens of hair salon locations throughout Australia and more than 500 hairdressers in our employ—many of whom we consider among the world’s finest stylists. Whether you need your hair cut, straightened, curled, coloured, styled, extended or treated, we can help.

Most of Stefan’s services can even be combined into different packages so that you can get multiple services for a single flat rate. For instance, our ‘Make Me Over Package’ comes with a shampoo and conditioning, a beautiful stylecut, a Stefan ALIVE ultimate treatment, a straight iron or blow-dry finish, an eyebrow wax and an eyebrow or eyelash tint. This package starts at $79.95, though the final price will depend on the length of your hair.

Stefan Hair Fashions offers an array of different packages similar to the Make Me Over Package. Whether you are looking for summertime highlights, clip-in or adhesive extensions or even just a hair treatment and scalp massage combo, you can find a Stefan package to suit your needs.

There are even packages available for men! Male customers are of course welcome at our hair salon in Mount Gravatt. These packages include men’s stylecuts, beard trimmings or groomings, hair colouring and more. Choose Stefan Hair Fashions as your next barbershop!

Where can you find out more about Stefan’s many different hair styling services and packages? Click here to find a full price list of every service and package that we offer. From women’s hair styling to men’s grooming, from make-up services to freelance event styling for weddings or bachelorette parties, all the way to kids haircut pricing, the list provides details about every service you could want from Stefan Hair Fashions.

Schedule Your Appointment with One of Stefan’s Hairdressers in Mount Gravatt

Are you interested in working with a Stefan Hair Fashions hairdresser in Mount Gravatt? We have a location at Mount Gravatt’s Garden City Westfield Shopping Centre and you can call 0733431488 to get more information and schedule an appointment. If you get a chance to look over the price list prior to your call, you can let us know which service or package you are considering. With this information, we can assign the best hairdresser for the job! In any case, we look forward to having you at our hair salon in Mount Gravatt!