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Questions to Ask Your Hairdresser After You Find the Right Hair Salon in Cairns

After weeks or months of searching, you’ve found the perfect hair salon for you—a place where you feel comfortable and welcome and where you consistently receive the best of service. At Stefan Hair Fashions, we hope that our hair salon in Cairns can be this haven of hairstyling excellence for you.

The best thing about finding the right hair salon is establishing a relationship with a hairdresser you really trust. Once you’ve worked with less-than-stellar hairdressers—whether in Cairns or anywhere else—you will gain even more appreciation for someone who is a real hair artist. Stefan Hair Fashions employs 500 hairdressers throughout Australia, many of which we believe are among the best in the world. Suffice to say that, at one of our salons; you will have no trouble building a strong relationship with one of our hairdressers.

The Benefits of Having a Go-to Hairdresser

When you establish a real relationship with your hairdresser in Cairns—when you learn to trust that person with your hair and come to them repeatedly for haircuts, colouring, straightening or other services—you earn the right to pick their brain. This privilege, in the long run, is almost as valuable as having someone who can consistently do beautiful hairstyling work for you. Having someone who knows you and knows your hair, which you can always go to for advice, is one of the keys to optimal hair health and beauty alike.

With this thought in mind, you should celebrate finding the right hairdresser by asking all of the questions about hair care that you’ve always wanted to ask. These questions can include the following:

  • What products should I be using in my hair?
  • How should I treat dry or brittle hair (or otherwise improve my hair health)?
  • Can or should I colour my hair at home?
  • If I choose to dye my hair, what colour would you suggest based on my skin tone and natural hair colour?
  • How frequently should I be washing and conditioning my hair?
  • Do you have a vision for my hair concerning style, colour or length?

Posing these queries to your hairdresser in Cairns can open up a dialogue between you about hair health, style, proper home hair care and more. As we mentioned previously, great hairdressers are artists, and the more questions you ask, the more you can unlock their talent and knowledge and use it to your advantage. Don’t think you are imposing, either. At Stefan Hair Fashions, our hairdressers love to be asked questions like the above, simply because they are passionate about hair and want to know how they can serve you better.

Find the Hair Salon You Trust: Schedule an Appointment with One of Stefan’s Hairdressers in Cairns

Are you ready to find the perfect salon, the place where you can establish a longstanding relationship with a hairdresser who understands you and your hair? If so, call Stefan Hair Fashions today and make an appointment at our hair salon in Cairns. Our Cairns salon is located in the Cairns Central Shopping Centre. You can schedule your appointment today by calling us on 0740318514.