Get to Know: Jess Marshall

Introducing Stefan Ambassador… Jess Marshall AKA @jeskaalee

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jess Marshall is one of our favourite Instagram influencers who always has us double tapping her every upload. Based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia Jess Marshall visits our Stefan Burleigh Heads Salon where our stylists create her enviable brunette balayage look. We’ve picked Jess’s brains on all things hair, read on to get to know this gorgeous gal and find out how she achieves babin’ locks.

Tell us about yourself in 25 words or less

I am a down-to-earth fashion, health and lifestyle blogger based on the beautiful Gold Coast and my mission is to inspire and empower women!

Who do you look to for hair inspiration?

I love Elle Ferguson’s effortless waves. They are always perfectly primped but still with a beachy, chic edge.

What’s your favourite hair look of all time?

Again, it would have to be effortless waves. It is definitely my go-to everyday look and a style I feel most myself in.

What hair products/tools can you not live without

I cannot live without my straightening iron. For me, it helps me achieve the effortless waves look and I learnt over the years the exact way to hold the iron to achieve the wave I want. Practice makes perfect!

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received

To embrace your own natural beauty. We were placed on this earth as beautiful individuals and being yourself is the best thing you can be.

Do you have any tragic hair stories?

When I was in primary school my mum cut my hair in to a mullet (eeeeek). Apparently it was the “in thing” but none of my class mates had hair like it…

What’s your favourite part of experiencing #thatstefanfeeling

Having my hair done at Stefan Salons makes me feel amazing and confident! I also love the way my hair feels and smells after using Stefan’s ECOCOCO Hair Treatment.


Curly or Straight – CURLY

Daily Wash or Dry Shampoo – DRY SHAMPOO

Long or Short – LONG

High Pony or Top Knot – HIGH PONY

Blonde or Brunette – BRUNETTE

Be sure to check out Jess’s blog at and follow her on Instagram @jeskaalee