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It’s no secret that for your hair to look excellent, you must take good care of it. However, even the most intensive at-home hair care routine is no match for some of Australia’s crazy weather. Whether the high heat is frying your hair or the …read more.


A lot changes every year between January and December. Knowing what your year ahead holds might not be possible, but one thing is for sure: the seasons will still be the same! Whether it’s summer shifting into autumn or the winter giving way to spring …read more.


After weeks or months of searching, you’ve found the perfect hair salon for you—a place where you feel comfortable and welcome and where you consistently receive the best of service. At Stefan Hair Fashions, we hope that our hair salon in Cairns can …read more.


Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life—if not the biggest day. You deserve for it to be perfect, and you deserve to look like a princess. Of course, a big part of getting the right ‘look’ as a bride is finding the outfit: the right …read more.


When you look through old photos of yourself and your friends, one of the easiest ways to date them is probably by the hairstyles you’re all wearing. Just like clothing tastes change over time, so do which hairstyles are considered “in” and …read more.


Are you in need of a haircut or a colouring service in Gladstone? Stefan Hair Fashions has a hair salon in the Gladstone area, near your location. This salon, located at the Kin Kora Mall, is one of the dozens of Stefan hair salons nationwide …read more.

Gold Coast

Whether swimming is your sport of choice or just the activity you use to cool off and get some sun during the summer, it’s important to remember what the pool or the ocean can do to your hair. While it may seem counterintuitive that getting your hair …read more.


Sometimes, you just want a new look. You get tired of the haircut you’ve always gotten. You grow tired with your hair length or even your hair colour. Whether it’s to mark a new season, a new chapter of your life or just because you suddenly have …read more.


Often, when people think about having a healthy body and mind, they don’t necessarily think about their hair—at least not first and foremost. Still, while hair is perhaps less important to your overall wellbeing than the health of, say, your heart …read more.


A special occasion demands a special style. Your hair, however, seems determined to fall flat – lying limp against your shoulders, its ends curling pitifully. You batter it with creams and conditioners, trying to twist it into a formal updo. The result …read more.

Seeking a Hair Salon in Loganholme? Discover Your Perfect Look with Help from the Stefan Salon Hairdressers.

It’s a pixie-cut conspiracy. All of your friends have recently shorn their locks short, framing their faces with wispy bangs and smooth lines. It’s wonderful, they claim, and free of the usual maintenance rituals. They urge you to do the same …read more.


The holiday was much-needed – a two-week retreat into the bush, forsaking smartphones for the sunshine. You escaped the Queensland hustle and found your sense of fun, and now you’ve returned, bright-eyed and bushy-bearded. You stare into the mirror and …read more.


In the early morning, the scissors make an ominous sound – with every snip, snip, snip echoing loudly. You force yourself to remain calm, steadying your hand as you carefully cut precious inches from your hair. You crave a new style and seeking …read more.

Choose a Hair Salon Package That Meets Your Needs when You Work with One of Stefan’s Hairdressers in Mount Gravatt

No two people have the same hair, and even if they did, they would probably have different preferences for style, length, colouring and other characteristics. At Stefan Hair Fashions, we recognise and respect these inherent differences. Our hair …read more.

North Lakes

When you’ve spent all day hard at work, nothing is a bigger relief than realising that you don’t have to show up to work the next day. Whether the weekend is beginning or you simply have a day off, it’s a chance to relax, unwind, and treat yourself …read more.

Searching for a Hair Salon in Robina? Trust the Award-Winning Hairdressers of Stefan to Solve Your Frizzy Conundrum and Provide a Sleek Style.

Beyond your window is a swelter – high heat and oppressive humidity, an occasional gust of parched air. Everything is hot and dry and you can feel your curls start to frizz in anticipation. The season has turned your hair to straw, leaving it a …read more.


It’s an explosion of colour. You stare at your reflection – stunned by the uneven highlights of gold, orange, and yellow, wincing as the they fuse unnaturally together. Your hair is three distinct shades of terrible, and you wonder how an at-home …read more.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Colour: Ask Your Hairdresser at Your Hair Salon in Sunshine Coast

It’s a story many women have experienced: one day you look in the mirror and you’re happy with your hairstyle; a few days later, you wake up and just want something different. Sure, there are many ways to tweak your hair—from changing the length …read more.


It’s a familiar look – with your hair parted neatly down the middle and cut bluntly to your shoulders, the colour dark and uniform. You’ve dedicated years to this style, relying on it for both work and play. With a new season, however, comes a sudden …read more.


It’s a sudden itch – persistent, insistent, and settled deep beneath your scalp. You scratch (and scratch) but find no relief. Instead you only find dry skin and split ends, with your hair rebelling against even the simplest styling attempts. You scowl …read more.

Create a Stunning Bridal Look with Help from the SPM Squad. Book an On-Site Event Styling with Our makeup Artists in Brisbane City, Indooroopilly, and Beyond.

The day has been painstakingly planned. You’ve mastered floral arrangements and lightning fixtures; you’ve chosen entree options and music selections. Every second has been precisely scheduled, ensuring that you walk down the aisle at exactly the …read more.

Need a Glamorous Look for an Equally Glamorous Occasion? Stefan Hair Fashions Serves as the Premier Makeup Artists in Brisbane, Chermside, and North Lakes.

The invitation is unexpected – but the panic isn’t. You scramble to your car, fumbling with the keys and cursing your choice of impractical footwear (heels, you’ve discovered, don’t lend themselves to a speedy exit). You have mere hours to …read more.

Get Ready for Your School Formal, with the Help of the Best Makeup Artists in Carindale or Mount Gravatt

Do you have a major school formal coming up? If you’ve got your date planned, your dress picked out and your hairstyle planned, you’re just about ready for one of the most memorable nights of your young life. However, there is at least one other thing …read more.

Schedule a Trial Bridal Makeup Session with a Stefan Makeup Artist in Gold Coast, Helensvale or Robina

Your wedding day is just a few months away and you are starting to make the final arrangements for the big day. You have the venue booked, the food arrangements sketched out, the music is taken care of, the guest list finalised and your dress picked …read more.

Getting Ready for Your School Formal? Have Your Makeup Done by a Pro Artist at Stefan’s Loganholme or Ipswich Salons

When the date for your school formal begins to approach on the calendar, don’t be surprised when you start feeling fluttery butterflies in your stomach. It’s an exciting moment for everybody! Enjoying the chance to dress up and spend time with your …read more.

Pamper Yourself Before Attending a Wedding with a World-Class Stefan Makeup Artist in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast

When you get a wedding invitation in the mail, it’s always a moment to jump for joy! The joining of your friends together in the union of matrimony is exciting, and of course, an excuse for fun. Who doesn’t love dressing up and going to wedding …read more.

The Best Hair Extensions Come from The Best Hairdressers and Hair Salons in Carindale

It seems like an obvious bit of wisdom, but it’s easy to overlook that getting the best hair extensions in Carindale requires going to the best hair salons in Carindale. They’ll use superior products and provide excellent skill in implementing the most …read more.

Want Hair Extensions? Make Sure You Choose Salons with The Best Hairdressers in Chermside

Why do you want hair extensions, Chermside? Sure, it’s to change the look of your hair, but have you thought about why? There is a plethora of reasons that may influence someone to get hair extensions, and depending on yours; you’ll want to know a few …read more.

Transform your Look by Booking into the Best Hair Extensions Salons on the Gold Coast

Are you looking to transform your hair into something really special? Perhaps you have a particular occasion in mind, such as a wedding, party, or a date, and you want to look your absolute best. Maybe you want to try out a new look, something that will …read more.

Love Your Hair and Book into the Best Hairdressers in Helensvale

Are you looking for a great hair makeover? Perhaps you are looking for a restyle, or something just a little bit unusual. Maybe, you have an event in mind, or you just want to have the very best look you can. Word on the streets is that Stefan Hair …read more.

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions (And Knowing Which Hair Salons or Hairdressers Can Provide Them in Maroochydore)

Whether you cut your hair a little too short and want to rectify the issue or just want to experiment with a few longer hairstyles, finding the best hair extensions in Maroochydore can certainly make your life easier. The question is, what qualities …read more.

Tired of Hair Extension Horror Stories? Count on Stefan for the Best Hairdressers, Hair Salons and Hair Extensions in Mount Gravatt

Have you ever experienced a hair extension horror story? Maybe you ended up with extensions that were distinctly different in colour from your real hair. Maybe the texture of the extensions was just all off and felt unnatural to the touch. …read more.

Enjoy the Benefits of Hair Extensions, with the Help of the Best Hairdressers and Hair Salons in North Lakes

Have you ever looked at pictures in a magazine and seen a hairstyle you would love to try out—only to realise sadly that your hair isn’t long enough to pull off that look? By investing in some quality hair extensions in North Lakes, you can eliminate this …read more.

The Top Five Reasons to Get Hair Extensions (And the Best Hairdressers and Hair Salons in Robina to Provide Them)

There was a time when long, luscious and natural looking hair extensions were largely a celebrity fashion. Today, they are a far more common—frequently used by women (and men) as a cosmetic aid …read more.

Transform Your Look, with the Best Hair Extensions from the Best Hairdressers at the Best Hair Salons in Sunshine Coast

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a hairstyle you don’t love? Do you want to change your hairstyle dramatically to coincide with the changing of the seasons? Do you want to go all out with your hairstyle for a wedding or party, to the point …read more.

Caring for Tape-In Hair Extensions and Where to Find the Best Hair Salons and Hairdressers in Brisbane City

Those who choose hair extensions in Brisbane City or elsewhere in Australia quickly find that extensions are not exactly like their natural hair and, as such, require some special care. In fact, the better care you take of your tape-in hair extensions …read more.

How to Care for Your Clip-In Hair Extensions and Choosing the Best Hair Salons and Hairdressers in Brisbane Northside

The hair used in clip-in hair extensions is high quality natural hair, but it does need the same kind of care and attention you give your own hair to maintain its shine and health. With proper care, you can maximise the life of your hair extensions from …read more.

Reasons for Thinning Hair and Finding the Best Hair Salons and Hairdressers for Extensions in Brisbane Southside

The way hair grows is similar to the way a garden grows – that is, how well it grows has everything to do with what is going on “underground.” Just like a garden, a normal hair growth cycle leads to a product, and anything that interferes with the cycle …read more.

Clip-In vs Tape-In Hair Extensions; Finding the Best Hair Salons and Hairdressers in Brisbane

Hair extensions are all the rage lately, as they are an easy and fun way to add length and volume to your hair and enjoy a new look for weeks or even months at a time. At Stefan Hair Fashions, clients can choose between clip-in and tape-in hair …read more.

Transform your look with hair extensions from the fabulous hairdressers at Indooroopilly’s best salon.

Is your hair thin and lifeless? Trying product after product and not getting the volume and bounce you’re seeking? Are dull, flat locks destroying your confidence? Put all that behind you, and discover a new you with a hair makeover from Stefan Hair …read more.

Everything you need to know about getting hair extensions: Advice from the best hairdressers, in the best salons in Ipswich.

Looking at adding some lush deliciousness to that mane of yours? Keen for some volume and bounce that turns heads every time you enter the room? Regretting that risky bob cut? The award-winning hairdressers at Stefan’s Riverlink Shopping Centre location in …read more.