10 Uses For Shampoo You Totally Didn’t Know About!

Your trusty shampoo can be used as much more than just a hair cleaning tool! If you’re anything like us and like to try different shampoos and end up with a whole heap of unfinished bottles that you don’t know what to do with, we have the solution for you! Instead of being a product exclusive to your shower, here are 10 other ways to use shampoo!
  1. Bubble Bath
Who needs an excuse to have a bath?! We’ve got one for you! Shampoo foams up super well and makes incredible bubbles in the bath. Our tip to get an extra bubbly bubble bath is to pour the shampoo directly into the water falling from the tap spout and into the tub. So, what are you waiting for?!
  1. Cleaning Your Nails
In need of a mani and pedi? Soaking your hands and/or feet in shampoo and warm water will leave them feeling silky soft, and it’ll clean your cuticles too!
  1. Use as a hand soap
Normal detergent can be quite harsh and dry out your hands. We recommend making your own mix at home with shampoo and a dash of conditioner.
  1. Clean Clothes
If you have any stains on your clothes, use shampoo on the stained area pre-machine wash. You’ll love this hack if you’re a makeup and fake tan lover! However, on tougher stains like wine or food stains, we recommend a laundry purpose detergent.
  1. Wash Yo’ Body!
Out of body gel or soap? Forgot to pack it in your suitcase? Not to worry, your shampoo is the perfect alternative. Lather up!
  1. Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Now you have no excuse to not clean your makeup brushes! Being able to use normal shampoo instead of an actual brush cleanser means we can and should be cleaning our makeup brushes more often. Happy cleaning!
  1. Stop Mirrors from Fogging!
Hate it when your bathroom mirror fogs up after a steamy hot shower? Us too! We recommend you pour a bit of shampoo on a paper towel, rub it into the mirror and then, using a clean cloth, wipe it away. Then watch and be amazed next time you have a shower and emerge to see yourself in the mirror!
  1. DIY Body Scrub
Run out of exfoliator? Not to worry, you can make your own! Mix sugar into shampoo to create a light exfoliator.
  1. Clean Your Hair Brush
Freshen up your hairbrushes by cleaning them with shampoo. Find out how to clean them properly with this how to blog post.
  1. Clean Your House!
The ingredients in shampoo are not that different to detergent so you can use shampoo as a general cleaner around the house.